David Woods, PhD
 Writer, Essayist, Educator
and Communications Consulant

AUTHOR: I've written four books on healthcare issues,Strength in Study: A History of the College of Family Physicians; Paging Doctors: Messages from a Medical Journalist; The Future of the Managed Care Industry and Its International Implications, published by The Economist.

EDITOR: As well as serving as editor of Canadian Family Physician and as the first nonphysician editor-in-chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, I feel compelled to edit everything from cereal packets to complex medical texts and marketing copy.

WRITER: I've written several hundred healthcare-related articles, editorials, reviews and interviews … more than 100 cited in Index Medicus/MEDLINE (see under Woods, D) including regular contributions to the British Medical Journal. Recently, I broadened that to include essays on topical themes.

EDUCATOR: I started out my career as a teacher of English. I also served for five years as an adjunct faculty member teaching scientific writing in Thomas Jefferson University's College of Graduate Studies.

SPEAKER: I'll speak at the drop of a hat. Topics include: How to write and get published in the health sciences; The future of medical publishing; Who's for Tennyson -- the case for language and literature in the medical school; Communication for doctors; Canada's health system: what's next, eh?; Physicians who became famous authors -- such as Somerset Maugham and Arthur Conan Doyle; Writing and speaking painlessly.