David Woods, PhD
 Writer, Essayist, Educator
and Communications Consulant

I'M AN INTERNATIONALIST: I was born in London and educated in England, Germany, and Ireland where I earned a doctorate in healthcare policy from the University of Ulster'sFaculty of Health and Social Sciences. Before emigrating from the UK to Canada, I taught English in a private school. I also ran with conspicuous lack of success as a political candidate in UK municipal elections. I maintained and built on my international background as a member of such organizations as the British-American Business Council and the Alliance Française. ​
OH, CANADA! Publisher, Editor, Writer: During my time in Canada, I rose from ink-stained wretchedness as a junior editor on Canadian Doctor to become the first -- and so far only -- nonphysician editor-in-chief of the century-old Canadian Medical Association Journal. Along the way, I wrote the Today's Health column that appeared in some 100 weekly newspapers … and was a regular guest on the popular radio program, Hour Toronto.
​​NEW AMERICAN: Corporate Publishing Executive, Entrepreneur, Policy Wonk: I came to Philadelphia in 1987 under the misapprehension that the climate was tropical compared to Ottawa. Since Ottawa is the second coldest capital city in the world after Ulan Bator in Mongolia, relatively speaking this is true! I became a US citizen in 1995. I'm a Fellow of the  College of Physicians of Philadelphia . I also served for six years on the board of directors of the American Medical Publishers Association. 

AVOCATIONS ... As a young boarding-school lad in the UK, I learned early-on always to have a book 'on the go'. I'm a voracious reader, mainly of literary and political biography. I'm a word guy and cryptic crossword solver and actually won the Financial Times cryptic crossword contest after multiple tries. The prize: a book titled "How To Sound Really Clever." I am a member of the Society Hill Civic Association, for which I've written more than 50 'Noteworthy Neighbors' profiles of interesting people who live in the Society Hill community of Philadelphia.

I am much taken with the
allure of thoroughbred horse racing  which stems from "… its complex appeal to our varied interests and emotions, catering as it does to our scientific bent, irrational enthusiasm, pleasure in method, delight in chance, knowledge of the past, and search for the future." In fact, in 2007 I fulfilled a long-held ambition and became a partner in a racehorse, a filly named Reine des Lions, who won three races, was 'in-the-money' 62% of the time, and which I've now replaced with a four-year-old colt named Mine for Love who also won three races. I've lured my wife to 14 different racetracks in five different countries.