David Woods, PhD
 Writer, Essayist, Educator
and Communications Consulant

David Woods is the author of four books and numerous articles, editorials and reviews in peer-reviewed publications. His memoir, Time and Chance, appeared at the end of 2015. He holds a PhD in Health Policy. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

He recently stepped down from the freelance editorship of Philadelphia Medicine after 15 years. For five years he taught a course on medical writing and communications to graduate students at Jefferson Medical College. 

David has recently written a series of essays on eclectic topics that take his fancy. These include In Praise of Eloquence, The Decline of Wit in Public Life, and History instructs, and we ignore it at our great peril.

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More detailed information, as well as downloadable articles, and testimonials appear further on in this website.

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What they're saying ​​​​​​​​

“David Woods conveys humor and insight into the craft of writing” 
-- The Lancet. 

“{Woods’s} contributions are straightforward sensible lessons on writing. His incisive observations on the use of ‘we’ as in 'How are we today?' should embarrass us all" 
-- British Medical Journal. 

"Your book, Paging Doctors is a delight, one I will keep handy. Your short essays are meaty, full of good sense and good humor, and brilliantly written. It pleases me more than I can say." 
--Norman Cousins: Author of Anatomy of an Illness and longtime editor of Saturday Review 

"May I thank you most warmly for your presentation of the interview held in Kitty's and my cottage. I'm used over the years to being distorted and abused; you've stuck steadily to what I said in answer to your questions, and I'm duly grateful." 
-- Malcolm Muggeridge: the late author, journalist, polemicist, and TV personality 

"I enjoyed seeing your journal, and I appreciate very much your patience and industry in touching on so many points involving me and National Review." 
-- William F. Buckley, Jr.

“He's, like, cool" 
-- Stepdaughter Amanda.