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David Woods, PhD

AUTHOR: I've written four books on healthcare issues,Strength in Study: A History of the College of Family Physicians; Paging Doctors: Messages from a medical journalist; The Future of the Managed Care Industry and Its International Implications, published by The Economist, and as editor and principal contributor to Communication for Doctors: How to Improve Patient Care and Minimize Legal Risks.

EDITOR: As well as serving as editor of Canadian Family Physician and as the first nonphysician editor-in-chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal I feel compelled to edit everything from cereal packets to complex medical texts and marketing copy. I've also edited and written editorials for Philadelphia Medicine.

WRITER: I've written several hundred healthcare-related articles, editorials, reviews and interviews more than 100 cited in Index Medicus/MEDLINE (see under Woods, D) including regular contributions to the British Medical Journal. Recently, I broadened that to include essays on topical themes. Some of these can be seen at The Broad Street Review.

EDUCATOR: I started out my career as a teacher of English. Recently, I was appointed Research Associate Professor at Drexel University College of Medicine, developing programs in medical writing and communication. I also served for five years as an adjunct faculty member teaching scientific writing in Thomas Jefferson University's College of Graduate Studies.

SPEAKER: I'll speak at the drop of a hat. Topics include: How to write and get published in the health sciences; The future of medical publishing; Who's for Tennyson -- the case for language and literature in the medical school; Communication for doctors; Canada's health system: what's next, eh?; Physicians who became famous authors -- such as Somerset Maugham and Arthur Conan Doyle; Writing and speaking painlessly.

CONSULTANT: I worked with a consortium of 20 managed care companies in the challenge to improve the image of managed care; surveyed senior pharmaceutical executives on what keeps them awake at night for a financial publishing group; promoted in the UK and the US a company producing electronic point-of-care information for physicians and nurses, and helped develop a Zagat-style rating of healthcare websites.

Speaker Testimonials

"The positive response to your presentation, The Future of Healthcare Publishing, was outstanding. Your exceptional presentation skills and keen wit were praised by numerous colleagues throughout the day. Based on the participants' feedback, your presentation skills, knowledge and content were outstanding, the highest rating available on the 4-point evaluation scale."
-- Jaclyn M. Gleber, EdD, Director of Continuing Education, College of Health Professions, Thomas Jefferson University.

"Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation at the American Medical Publishers Association (AMPA) annual conference. I was most appreciative of your willingness to organize, moderate, and speak on the panel "Use of hand-held applications at the point of care." I want to congratulate you personally as well as your panel. I found your presentation to be enlightening and most informative. Thank you for your hard work on behalf of AMPA"
-- Robin Bartlett, President, AMPA, 2005-2006.

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