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David Woods, PhD


  • Strength in Study: A History of the College of Family Physicians.
  • Paging Doctors: Messages from a Medical Journalist.
  • The Future of the Managed Care Industry (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 1998).
  • Communication for Doctors: How to Improve Patient Safety and Minimize Legal Risks (Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford, UK, 2004).


  • Several hundred features, news stories, editorials, reviews, and interviews on healthcare topics.
  • More than 100 items cited in Index Medicus/MEDLINE (see under Woods, D.).
  • View a list of selected published works

A Sampling of Speeches and Articles

What they’ve said...

"Paging Doctors is a delight, one I will keep handy. Your short essays are meaty, full of good sense and good humor, and brilliantly written. It pleases me more than I can say."
--Norman Cousins: Author of Anatomy of an Illness and longtime editor of Saturday Review

"May I thank you most warmly for your presentation of the interview held in Kitty's and my cottage. I'm used over the years to being distorted and abused; you've stuck steadily to what I said in answer to your questions, and I'm duly grateful."
-- Malcolm Muggeridge: the late author, journalist, polemicist, and TV personality

"I enjoyed seeing your journal, and I appreciate very much your patience and industry in touching on so many points involving me and National Review."
-- William F. Buckley, Jr.

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