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David Woods, PhD

Here are some of the clients I've worked with:

American Medical Publishers Association
British Medical Journal
Christiana Healthcare System
Drexel College of Medicine
Dorland Healthcare Information
Graduate Education Foundation
Institutional Investor (Euromoney)
International Society for Medical Publishing Professionals
Jefferson Medical College
Pennsylvania Medical Society
Phico Insurance Company
Philadelphia Business Journal
Philadelphia County Medical Society
Radcliffe Publishing
Rx Communications (UK)
The Economist
Time, Inc
Waylon Advertising

Client Testimonials

"David Woods began to write abstracts for the Graduate Education Foundation (GEF) in 2005 ... and has provided the Foundation with over 140 abstracts. These are used on GEF's website to introduce healthcare professionals to continuing education lectures which are used to fulfill licensing requirements. The abstacts that Dr. Woods has provided have been excellent, summarizing the key points of complicated and sometimes confusing medical topics into concise and understandable one page synopses."
-- Geri Weideman, Senior Consultant, GEF

"David brought together panels of nationally recognized experts to discuss issues of importance to physicians. He moderated the panels and turned the conversations into a compelling publication. His work was professional, on-time and on-topic."
-- Scott Mowbray, Managing Editor, Time Inc. Custom Publishing

"Dr. Woods has been the publisher of Philadelphia Medicine for more than ten years. He is flexible and creative and is a great asset to us in designing strategy, recommending articles, reviewing or writing such articles and assuring prompt publication. He has facilitated the standard of excellence set by the Board of Directors of The Philadelphia County Medical Society."
-- John F. X. Trevi, Executive Director, Philadelphia County Medical Society

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